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Al Durrah Link

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Purpose of the group
Improve your english by discussing new topics, members help each other by correcting their mistakes or giving suggestions for better ways to express the same idea. We are brothers and sisters from all around the world helping one another but we don't have a native english speaker nor a specialized teacher.

🔸This is not a dating group so members are not allowed to flirt or share emotions or give compliments.

🔸Members are not allowed to drop private message this will lead them to being banned. Report this to admin if you experience this problem.

🔸Any kind of feminism, sexism, racism, nationalism will not be tolerated.

🔸No one is allowed to make fun of anyone nor allowed to curse or swear. Be polite.

🔸 We don't allow to share anything from any channels or their links. No 18+ content.

🔸 Do not argue with or gang up against admins nor interfere with their jobs. Any questions regarding banning members or requesting private messages are not allowed.

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